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Benefits of Wall Shipping Calendar

Calendars are the only promotional material that have an annual demand and are used through the year. The advantages of using of using our Wall Shipping Calendars to promote your brand are:

High visibility

The brand's message will be on display all year and will be visible to more than one person at a time. The large size and simple design of our Wall Shipping Calendars ensure more impressions per month at a low cost per impression.

Large advertising space

There are large sized advertising spaces on every page to maximize the promotional information displayed to customers.
In addition, calendars have been used for promotion for a long time because of the following reasons:

Useful gifts

Calendars are used to track dates and appointments and are appreciated as gifts, unlike other mementos such as pens. A large number of calendar users jot down appointments and important dates on their calendar.

'Seeding' a message

Messages that are viewed several times a day through the year lead to 'top of mind recall'. Constant absorption of information helps the user to recall the company's services or products at ease and promote the brand through word of mouth, a key objective of any marketing strategy.

Our customized calendar themes like motivation, teamwork and success have found flavor amongst management consultants and 'change agents', while our nature, landscape, festivals and religious themes are always in demand. These are just a few of the options that you can use for your Wall Shipping Calendar, with many more available on our website.