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About Hysterical Work Quotes Calendar

Corporate life is full of stress and pressures. Stress-related problems have been on the rise for quite some time now, and do not seem to be subsiding. What everyone in the corporate world requires is a stress buster. Presenting, this Hysterical Work Quotes 14-sheeter table calendar, which highlights the importance of the lighter moments and urges everyone to have a work-life balance.
If you belong to the human resources, psychology, health or medicine faculties, this artfully designed, Hysterical Work Quotes table calendar will appeal to you. This gift for 2024 has 12 funny cartoons, with one-line jokes that is bound to crack you up, through which it effectively imparts the significance of a stress free life. Spread joy by gifting Hysterical Work Quotes table calendars to your acquaintances this New Year!

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