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Business Uses of Wall Shipping Calendar

Calendars have been used as an efficient and affordable promotional tool for many years. Wall Shipping Calendars not only convey a brand's marketing communication but also increase the visibility of a brand.

Wall Shipping Calendars vs. Other channels of promotion

Television and radio advertisements use the 'shotgun approach' where a vast number of people are targeted, hoping that a few will notice and remember the brand's message. There is a good chance that a part of the target audience might miss the ad or may forget what they saw or heard. Similarly, print media such as newspapers and flyers are disposed in a day, thus shortening an advertisement's life.

On the other hand, Wall Shipping Calendars are used daily, allowing a brand's image to be reinforced. Their main advantage is their high visibility due to their size, resulting in larger spaces for advertising.

What message can I convey using a Wall Shipping Calendar?

Calendars can relay marketing messages using text and high-quality images. They help build a brand internally by inspiring employees about their brand's mission and vision. External brand recognition is enabled by bridging the gap between marketing communications and the target audience's brand perception.

Wall Shipping Calendars are ideal for the following purposes
  • Identity Building - Brand name, logo and contact information
  • Motivating employees
  • Increasing visibility at points of purchase
  • Targeting seasonal demand through monthly promotions
  • Generating traffic
  • Sharing milestones with customers
  • Sharing the company's mission and vision with customers
  • And many more!

Cost-effective communication

Cost per impression is a term used in traditional advertising to represent the expense a company occurs per potential customer that views their advertisement. It can be calculated using the formula

The low cost per impression, as little as 2 cents, makes Wall Shipping Calendars the cheapest and most versatile choice for promotional activities. Channels of promotion such as print, television and radio cost a large portion of a company's marketing budget, and often don't deliver the message to the correct target audience. Wall Shipping Calendars have the advantage of controlled distribution, ensuring every dollar invested is directed towards the target audience. Their long life, high visibility, flexibility and low cost make Wall Shipping Calendars an essential choice in any marketing mix.

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