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Most businesses and households use calendars regularly as a reference tool for their daily schedules and activities. Coupled with the fact that calendars are used 365 days of the year, they are excellent promotional products to increase brand recognition and convey your marketing message. The demand for calendars on a yearly basis provides an ideal opportunity to use them as an advertising medium

Regular customers tend to wait for companies to send them a calendar instead of setting out to purchase one. Multiple calendars can be found inside both homes and offices. Undoubtedly, calendars are essential for people to juggle busy personal lives and business appointments.

Calendars are printed in various styles and sizes, divided into two broad categories of wall calendars and desk calendars. Wall calendars are preferred due to their large sizes and the fact that they do not take up desk space. Here are the key reasons that make the Wall Shipping Calendars an effective and affordable promotional solution.

  • They make meaningful gifts
  • They help you build your brand, both internally and externally
  • They are cost effective

'Calendars from India' is a Mumbai (India) based printing company primarily engaged in the designing, manufacturing and exports of calendars. We are an offshoot of Arun Art Printers Pvt. Ltd, a full service print solutions provider with extensive experience in the printing and publishing space.

Over the years we have grown from strength to strength and established a state-of-the-art calendar manufacturing facility with an excellent team of professionals. Over 25% of our yearly production finds its way to the offshore markets by means of exports to corporate cells, consultants, books and calendar publishers.

Innovation in design and quality are our strengths and we print over 100 unique calendar designs each year that cater to the corporate gifting and branding requirements of multinational companies, associations, exporters, resellers and even small & medium size organizations across the world.